“space & time in rural virginia”

By Divia Kallattil

Artwork by Alli Rowe

I was driving through rural Virginia

when I saw a stretch of land that reminded me of a dream

Struck by an almost inverted deja-vu

(I can best describe it as premonitory)

I knew something had happened, but I didn’t know what


There was the expanse of green fields, rolling hills,

cornflower blue skies, and time –

time turning itself inside out

my world following suit.


I am terrified of change.


Three days ago, I met my bestfriend

tomorrow, I fly to Tokyo

to visit her in a home she has

made years away.


Five months later, I broke up with you, and then,

the day before that

you with me.


I found myself

walking along a (broken) path to your house,

where the lights went out, and nothing existed.

Inside, I hope it swallows me too.


There was a place I kept dreaming about

where the glowing lights

in the soft corners of my bedroom

led to today.

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