Purple Dreams

By Catherine Moscatt

Artwork by Sloane Adler

I’m in love with a boy

Who has purple dreams

That smell like grape, that wrap you in a haze as warm as a hug, that stick to you so tightly you’ll have to peel the purple film off your skin

Once you get home


No quiet lavender

No meek violet

His shade of purple is a loud clap of thunder

An angry response at the way his family loved him and broke him and I’m here to fix him but sometimes I get too lost in the purple mess, a purple maze

Dead ends mock me as I trudge through purple mud

And I still

Haven’t reached the center

Or maybe there isn’t one?


Purple is all he’s ever known

It’s ingrained, familiar, like hearing his mom cry at night

Since he met me he says he sees differently

Did you know the sky is bathed in pink and orange at sunset? The ocean an everlasting blue?

Purple is no longer all consuming

We’ve made it through that maze


I’m in love with a boy

Who has dreams…purple, red, blue, green

I will do anything

To make them come true

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