Maybe (Just Because It Gets Dicks Hard Doesn’t Mean It’s Right)

By Eli Parker

Artwork by Alexa Gaffaney

When will we learn

that it’s more efficient to give Iraq steel more than 6.5mm at a time?

Such small packets don’t seem to be building much.


That maybe a gentler navy is the cure for African tinnitus?

It was our ships,

what laden with noise

that broke their ears in the first place.


That we should have never built a colony on a star?

The sands turned from brown to pure white and blue royalty,

but maybe the moon-people still have a point to complain?


That great concrete walls might stop gamma rays

but will never stop paper fired at tremendous speeds?

When will we learn that you don’t follow threats with actions,

you must follow the money?


That action isn’t always progression?

That human beings can be trusted?

When will we learn that the hateful are villains?

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