Cerulean Petals

By Bobbi Sinha-Morey

Artwork by Susan Peters

Before I awakened in

the dawning light of my

garden cerulean petals melted

in the palm of my hand, and

the last few drops of an

early morning rain fell on

my skin, my eyes opening

to a brighter, better day when

not too long ago a dark wind

had swept in and I’d envied

the heavens for hiding behind

their clouds wrapped forever

in glowing energy. In my

garden culled by my own

hands I’d poured all my love,

even when skies were grey

and the maples would fight

the evening wind just to keep

some of their leaves. I’d prayed

for a kind spirit to touch my

life, to see the snowberry

flower, unleash its beauty I’d

rush to see; and, given a thread

of hope, I could imagine a

dandelion brightening up

empurpled blackberry leaves.

In this day’s aura of rainbow

light it’s worth all my senses

opening up, coming alive.

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