By Autumn Griego

Artwork “Halo” by Alli Rowe

The rattle of rain

On the tin roof-top

Lulls me to sleep

Between the streetlight

And the door


I have to stay awake

I have to pay attention

Stinging eyes and burning ears

Who else will acknowledge

What happens when it rains?


The glass window

Cools my forehead

But my cheeks are hot

With Fear


Hushed voices

Shattered bottle




Down the hall


His heavy steps

After her light ones

A locked door

Splintering wood


And in the morning,

There is no rain

When I find my dad

In the kitchen




“Can you make the eggs?”

I say


I thought it was a dream

Anxiety and Dread

Until I walked down to their room

And saw the broken wood

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