Monument to Airmen

By Alex Ledford

Artwork “Monument to Airmen” by Selma Burke


Only Gladys, goddess

of sly grins, of askew

goggles and nylon underwear,

table scraps, manna, and talcum powder,

can save you now.

She is a gorgeous

dark purple shadowed

with razor blue,

she is still clouds at night.



It is 1993. What are you doing

with your life?

“I’m only six.”

Get it together, Small Idiot,

in the Big Leagues you don’t have to ask

when to go to the bathroom.



after this candle toppled to the floor



The human spirit is Perseverance.

They told us that in school.

I hope they’re right, I hope I get such

a beautiful angel

as the Tuskegee Airmen did.

From the Sculpture by Selma Burke

John Wilson White
Studio Phocasso

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