By G David Schwartz

Artwork by Mitchell Price

I hear hiking is a good sport.  But it does not have the essentials of a real good sport. A ball.

Football,  baseball, basket ball, golf   are good sports precisely because they each have a ball.

Its not the size of the ball which matters but how quickly and agile you can grab and or throw the object.

Hiking by this definition is not a good sport because is is not a sport.

Now I do believe hiking scan be made into a decent sport with the easy and simple addition of a ball.

The ball may be as small as a golf ball or as large as a medicine ball, but walking (which is all hiking really is) on a plane or up steep incline is sporting.

But I do not advise carrying a medicine ball up a hill.  Nor a tennis ball, because you would have to carry a racket incase you meet another with a ball and racket and they invite you to play. It is never nice to refuse playing unless you are on your way to the dentist.  Because there you would be obliged to ask the dentist if he or she wished to play.

So in a way hiking is good, especially if you do not carry sporting gear, or if you so and you are rude it is the way you are and noting can be done about imbecility, I mean rudeness.

So to conclude, hiking is good when you are ing hike-way because you most likely do not have a tennis ball, basket ball, bowing ball, or any ball.

But this brings up the issue, the problem of taking a dog with you on your hike.  Dogs love to play with balls. They love being the out field on game day and the love being on the tennis court, but they are not allowed in bowling allies.

And now you know why — to take your dog hiking. Exercise is good for dogs and other being as well as being who are human. So hiking is as well.

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