Divine Paper

by deepti

Artwork by Sloane Adler

A Divine messenger, an angel,

Ink absorbs the pen,

Word’s, alphabets are seeing everywhere,

Animates your imagination,

Cover the inner thoughts,

Stroke the letter made by pen of brush,

Pop up n shape the sound character,

Pertaining to anecdote in many angles,

Full of high spirit n energy,

Power comes to every line in the paper,

Life is in itself is floating have wings to both sides,

Feather has been attached to Fountain pen,

Printed sheet containing news,

Constructed Life is seeing New Moon,

Pillars support the canvass,

Turn of pages touches the rhythm,

Transparency collides to the vision,

Sound comes at the end of every line,

Positive aura give shape to the life,

Pen n paper become bright apples,

Rich content fertile the seeds,

Enigma, puzzle opens the new curtain,

Geometric friction sparkle the fire,

Holy, virtuous manner hop on the ride,

Science of moral landed the paper,

Worship of Angel comes as an harmony,

Structured Bond soluble as a Divine,

Paragraph, passage, Book becomes the parcel,

Melts into the solution of vocab,

Missiles of words in rapid succession,

Capable to emit pages of Lava,

Sacred messenger, a Paper

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