Pictures of an Inhibition

by Myrta Köhler

Artwork, “White Flower” by Alexa Gaffaney

A melody I heard in winter

leads the way, creating stones, walls, stairs

that ask about tomorrow and sing

of yester-yesterday.


Blind windows become my looking-glass,

but I long to get lost. Once,

the universe was reflected in me – but I

cannot remember all, so let me

forget all and be re-born in every

moment, unheard of and without

a name.


You’ve killed me with a compliment.

No longer can I be

your “dream come true”. You boasted

with me, but if you can

say no more, say nothing. I won’t be defined –

or dreamt – by you.


I’ll have champagne midst moving-boxes.

Who dares endure the In-Between?

From my new shelter I see but sky.

I have forgotten all about the universe,

unrecognized am I.

But no one is ever lost,

someone has said.

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