by Luke McGinty

Artwork, “Improvisation-205” by Gina Yusim

When bards of ages past sung sonnets made

To soothe the colors brilliant from the skies,

Their feet of wit and weary wisdom laid

Foundations solid there on wanting minds.

Established order, rhythm rightly writ,

With lines and plans laid well that fall just so,

As lonely province still legitimate

Of wanting minds, and thoughts they might bestow.

So minds did paint, as lines did regulate,

On springtime’s slack and verdant vernal blush

On pinks and red faced ochres love could make

On taupes and tawnys of a flitting thrush.

Yet lines that stack and rule and keep from sight

Are embers for an empire free from night,

Are embers for an empire free from fight

Are embers for an empire’s freed delight

Are embers for an empire sure it’s right

Are embers for bells, minutes off midnight

Are Green eggs and ham

Green eggs and ham

Green eggs and ham.

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