Lamentation for My Younger Brother

by Mackenzie Dwyer

Artwork by Alexa Gaffaney

Know that you, like everyone else,

will spend more time disintegrating

than living. (Except you’ve integrated

precious little to begin with.)

Know also that the reason

you can’t play basketball to save your life

is not because you are a stump

of a human being.

It’s because you,

unlike the rest of us,

lack that natural grasp of trajectory.

Thus I must inform you of your own:

you have no future in basketball,

in construction, communication,

or in any area

that somehow requires

putting one thing into another thing.

You can’t even stomach a full meal.

You talentless, almost

wholly vapid slice of vegetable,

I worry for you

& your progeny surely,

unlike mine, to come.

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