by Arely Morales

Artwork “Become Ocean” by Myrthe Biesheuvel

Fresh air, fresh air!

I run barefoot, the cool green grass sneaks in between my toes

I lie down and let my body collapse on the open field

I look to the bright sun and feel the radiance pressing up against my skin, I smile

I see the endless crystal clear blue sky above me

It feels as if the wind wants to pull me up and dance on the spineless clouds

I want this moment to last

But in a few moments I have to go back inside because mommy said so

I don’t know when I’ll be back outside; I try to make her happy

Mommy says she keeps me inside for my own good, to keep me strong

She says it’s because the man in the white mask told her to, I’ve known him forever

I’d do anything to be out and smell the fresh air

But for now, all I can do is dream as I walk back inside


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