by Natalia Marques

Artwork by Liah McPherson

O mirthful Sun! Unkind deceit!

How dare you, wicked star, give life

To such an overwhelming peace

That runs its course until the night.

Must your impertinent, flush’d rays,

Sprout lilies on my wayward mind?

Must you give me fluorescent blaze,

When my bones ache with their resign?

And whencesoever blood has shed,

Must flowers flourish from the dead?

How can you let the darkness flow

In contrast with your blazing bright?

The night endures, while you must go,

Towards a more pale, waxen sight.

She, whose round, milky eyes will glow,

With stolen pieces of your light.

But for a minute please remain,

And think of flower spangled plains,

Each velvet shore is kissed by brine,

As sun beams did when you were mine.


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