A Realization

by Geoffrey McGee

Elusive love, I set you free

Do not feel bound by shame or debt

If cold hearts beat still as lively

It’s hard to know what you’ll regret

The pulse of the night creates a crack in the dam

The rhythm of the night: iamb, iamb, iamb.

Attraction flees, attachment stays

And while I did feel one for you

Still I maintain, after these days

That you know me as I know you

Connection quickly obscured, self-doubt’s unjust swell

My bruised soul retreating: I fell, I fell, I fell.

Do not cry, for my laugh remains

All your effort has come to naught

I function through my dulling pains

And you, my dear, have you forgot?

I stand slightly slouched but with so much more to give

Twisted tormentor, look: I live, I live, I live

I think I know your joys tonight

You rest, you drink continually

Soon my soul will be set alight

As you falter, as good finds me

My recov’ry, rediscov’ry, which you call “sham”,

It reignites my flame. I am, I am, I am.

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