Universe 0

by Daniel Sifredo

Artwork by Luke McGinty

You know

I’ve been thinking a lot about memory lately

The one that triggers action

The one that travels down the abyss

Hoping to get to the bottom.

The memory has an odd shape.

Too unsettling to be round

Too strenuous to be square


This memory,

Is a bullet

A diamond one

Perfectly cut, with a clear reflection

Sitting Harmless in a hand

And deadly behind a spark


You see,

It’s either one universe or the other

The mandatory choice.

But what you don’t see,

Is that I never made a choice

I live in between

A certain Universe


Where the Insane live.

Where I can see the future and the past.


But Fail to live in the present


This is the place where reflection and motion

Both take a Toll.


This is the memory.

My memory

The one you are blessed not to see

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