Our Sky

 by Madrid Danner-Smith

Artwork by Bert Oberlander

My mother told me as a child never stare too long at the sun. I would go blind.

Buh what do I do when your smile gleams with such intensity? If going blind means looking at you,

Then someone go get me a cane and a seeing eye dog, As the sun in the sky can burn the retinas of my eyes, Your beauty has burned the love receptors of heart.

When I looked away from the sun as a child and closed my eyes, I could still see the light,

As I look away from your face I can still see the beauty, I blink once you’re still there,

I blink twice you’re still there,

I blink Three times and you’re still there, If this continues I’ll sleep good every night, No more nightmares.

William Shakespeare said it 2nd best, Because I’ma say it first,

This the east side and you’re the sunshine, You rise like it,

So fuck modern science

You’re the center of my universe. And if I worship any God,

It’ll be the goddess of the sun, They can call me a heathen, But I know your soul

Shall be my church, Constant worship, Because you’re worth it, Constant prayer,

Means my constant care, Constant tidings,

Means constant providing, Baptize me in the black pools below your eyelids.

Sunshine, I love your warmth No hat needed, no jacket or coat,

That’s why I just walk around you barefoot for wid no shirt, You add melanin to my skin,

And with that tan,

You make me stronger, damn, Once a black boy

Now I’m a blacka man.

There’s 365 days in a year,

Buh I only wanna spend one with you, June 21st Not for any other reason

Than the fact

That that’s the first day of the Summer season I promise in my heart you’ll find the solstice, Let me love you,

And I will always keep you at your highest point, In our


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