Pink Ruffles

by Isabella Zaliagiris


(especially combined with ruffles)

is such a girly thing.

Pink ruffles

to match my pink pillow

& my pink shelf.

My pink phone & pink nails

(OPI-Pinking of you).

My pink computer inside

my book bag lined

with my pink initials

(why the fuck do I have a brown book bag?)

Those pink ruffles should have a voice.

To tell you how perfectly

I represent the color pink

in all it’s stereotypical requirements.

How I’m smart -yet delicate.

Never overstepping my boundary.

How I’m cute & petite

& always so, so nice.

Pink means girly.

It means sweet,

soft, & polite.

Pink ruffles

to cover up the fact that I’m fucking crazy.

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