Former Broker

By TS Hidalgo

Artwork by Alli Rowe

I drive by a lonely area.

I’m skint

(I studied at Wharton.

I was incredibly competitive).

I’m listening to the radio.

Rain of losers.

An advertisement.

and another, and another, and another and another and

A talk about writers who were visionaries is just beginning.

They talk about Jonathan Swift.

That strikes me a bit

(because, in Las Vegas, I’d bet, I swear,

that he would be the last one,

or one of the last,

I would have come to mind).

I turn the corner of a street where there are hardly any cars.

In fact, only one…

What is the probability that such a thing happen?

And butterflies, many butterflies…

those flying worms.

These kinds of things happen to me a lot and I get scared.

Carl Jung would have entertained a lot with me.

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