Paddy’s Day 2018

By DS Maolalai

Artwork by Alli Rowe


it is the sweetness of the dream,

or the stickiness of it


and love

comes stumbling drunk

through every doorway

at 2am.

a woman and 2 men

are outside my apartment,

and the men are gay

and married

(that couldn’t have happened

even a year ago)

and I hear them.

they are

banging through the hallway.

it’s paddy’s day


and they

are stumbling,

joyous stumbling drunk.

only 1 of them is Irish

and he is happy


he has 1 friend with him

and 1 lover.

I’ve spent the day at home

so optimistic

something would come

that I missed it.

I should go in

deal out cigarettes

and share a drink with them

but instead I’ll stay at home,

drinking here,


listening to music

and the happy sounds

of a party happening

next door.


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