Poet’s Midnight Walk

by T. William Wallin

Artwork, “Tundra” by Julia Sorensen

She tamed me
Like the wild ones caught in the trap
Of abandonment
Pacing back and forth between steel walls
That portrayed an etching of my youth
But that was long ago
I now pace down street corners reciting eulogies
To myself
Beneath permanent sand trap dark street posts
Guided by moonlit dreams
And fantasy escapades of shattered irony
But irony only rides you so far
Along the tracks of creative non-fiction satire
I like dirt and grit
So I will continue to walk along the cracks
Passing by the late night diner
With the late night waitress wiping tables
Who when under the spot light of the fluorescent machine bulb hanging over the table
Perfectly resembles the soft glow of the one who once tamed me
But the image is in a discourse community i am not apart or anymore

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