nothing left behind

by Arely Morales

Artwork, “Charcoal Owl” by Alexa Gaffaney

i purge my body

two, sometimes three times a day

i stare down and wait

turning on the shower helps hide the disease

the process takes about twenty minutes

the more the toothbrush goes in, the more comes out

my eyes turn bloodshot from the jabbing

i ignore how yellow my teeth turn

with one shove a whole day’s worth can be gone

the more i see, the better

colors depend on the day

spinach green or a mocha drink

deep tomato red or a milkshake

certain foods turn smoother than others

i don’t mind the textures, i got used to it

any knock and i panic

but that doesn’t stop me

it’s something i must do

it makes me have

the best of both worlds

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