by Larry Deery

Artwork by Trevor McPherson

i’m inside
a box.
i’m outside
the world.
i’m hanging
by thread.
i’m choking
on word.

you’re telling
me no.
you’re setting
me up.
you’re piling
it on.
you’re turning
me off.

he’s getting
it wrong.
he’s betting
you bomb.
he’s putting
you down.
he’s making
you crawl.

we’re willing
to wait.
we’re happy
to give.
we’re ready
to talk.
we’re tripping
to fall.

they’re starting
a fire.
they’re building
it high.
they’re melting
the rocks.
they’re looking
to roast.

I no
to my yes
I you
to his me
three we
you me i
burn dead
in a box.

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