Shall We Wish to Live Forever

by Frank Cavano

Photography by Luke McGinty

Shall we wish to live forever live forever, body

bound with feet stuck in the sand and dream the

ever changing dream, as is our nature, with wisp

of cloud held tightly in each hand and count the

days as parading golden treasures ‘tho too soon

each tick or tock these separate selves demand?

Shall we wish to live forever live forever; next

time a better individuality, no longer subsisting

on meager bread and water but feasting now on

fancy cakes and tea? Would happiness be forever

our companion while strangers, for lack of our

compassion, succumbed across the snarling sea?

Shall we wish to live forever live forever? Dare

I guess what you would say? No, but as for me

I carve future from my past and mistake the Night

for Day. And so I trust we are One Spirit and that

time, that half-welcomed guest, was made but to

deceive and we forever are Eternal Spirit’s sleeve.

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