What Did We Do

by Michael Seethaler

Artwork by Alexa Gaffaney

I’ve been raised up and taught about this prude

Who would be God if he did what he claimed to

He told everyone that he was the king of the Jews

And they said no, we’re going to kill you

Some beard who preached against greed and lust,

Were these miracles real? They sound ridiculous.

People on both sides, I don’t know who to trust.

Wait, if we killed God, what does that make us?

I’ve been taught that he died specifically for me

It sounds more like a power struggle that derived from envy

A strange bearded man said that he owned humanity

Well they crucified him to say we’re not subservient to thee

I would have joined and done the same thing

Nail him down, hang him up, to suffocate on a tree

Because the only one who gets to say what I should do is me

His era is over, time for the dynasty of we

So humanity evolved passed god? You may disagree

But there’s only so many things you can call this mutiny

So close the fancy doors and throw away the church key

Because we don’t want to worship this god trainee

Who’s God now?

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