An Assortment of Haiku

by William Moran

Artwork by Emily Yue

I’m a hurricane.

Roaring and soaring towards land;

Make sure you prepare.

Graves of fallen friends.

They change (green to red), then die.

October is here.

Feet on the counter

Searching high for a lost dish

But then my feet slip

This is a haiku

About writing a haiku

Except I’m out of

My body is still.

I haven’t moved since she passed away

My favorite food.


Why are you always empty?

I fucking hate you.

Blue hair and pink clothes

That remind me of lollipops

Make her bewitching.

People want to know

Why my boobs are so immense.

One word: childbirth.

My knees tremble when

I see them walk past, cutting

The long bathroom line.


Plants are better than humans.


Limericks were too

Hard for me to do, so I

Pussied some haikus

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