Backseat Driver

by Colleen Buchanan

Art by Maximilian Hampton-Fischer



Check now!

I don’t need to check.

You have to check now!

I’m tired.


Fine. I checked.

Check again.

I want to sleep.

Check it again. You didn’t check it right.

It was closed.

Check again NOW.


Fine I checked. Can I sleep now?

Just check one more time.

It’s two o’clock in the morning.

Check damnit.

Fine…It’s closed. Sleep now.

It’s raining.

I know.

Stay home.

I can’t. I have to go.

But it’s raining. You’ll get wet.

I’ll bring an umbrella.

Your feet will get wet! You can’t leave.

I have to leave. I will wear boots.

BUT your legs. They will get wet.

I’m going.

Fuck it’s raining. Fuck go home.

I am already outside.

Holy shit you’re wet. Turn back turn back.

No… I have to go.

Fuck this there is a puddle.

I’ll go around.

Legs are now wet. Turn the fuck back.

I can do this…

You’re only ten feet from your door. You can’t do this.

I can do it….

Go back!

I can…

Go the fuck back. You can’t walk thirty fucking minutes in this.

I…. I… I’m going back.

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