by Noah Rawlings

Hesitated at

the head of the end of

bridge over water troubled boy trembled water

you doing ?? car roars—no—

passenger in car roars from car

wonders what the water what are you doing doesn’t wonder

enough to stop not fearful enough to

stop the jump, “acrophobia, seemingly-paradoxically, can also

engender the desire to jump when one

suffering from acrophobia is in a high place” (citation needed)

“desire engenders belief” (citation needed)

Splash! Into waterock death.

Down into heaven—no. Crush

crack creak splintering bones batter

brains no okay here it goes into the earth he

landed on the craggy edge of the creek,

fall free through the air like

son like father went

skydiving just a few days ago

freefalling for fortieth birthday no forties for me Pff!

Lanky limbs poking out

flaps of flesh lifting to allow the exit of curious white shafts

eager to push little pieces

calcium makes em stronger not enough


strawberrysplatter on frozen milk

AHHHHHHHHHH his mouth says his mind says


for a while but his mouth says


kid shoulda found a higher place

oh fuck oh sweet mother jesus fuck

When he calls Them and They find him

two shattered legs They say to him

fuck my parents

are going to

kill me

he says to himself

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