Memories Salad Girl Will Never Have

by Isabella Zaliagiris

Thinness- something we all want but only a few can seem to attain.

Constantly in this battle with our addiction and the longing of our brains.

A longing for the body we would have if we could just lose that 15 pounds.

Already regretting the impulsive decision to hastily eat 12 Bo-rounds.

But all of our friends were hopping in the car to pick up greasy food while telling memories of the night before.

While a friend proclaims, “I wasn’t that drunk!”- Brittany, you peed on the floor.

And in this moment you realize the extra pounds you’ve recently acquired are so much more than just weight.

It represents more than the Bojangles’ fried chicken and buttered biscuit you just ate.

In fact, you can’t hate yourself because the weight is merely a reminder of the college years you’ll never forget.

And you finally understand that you have to let go of the regret.

You know one day you’ll force yourself into the lifestyle of the salad girl that rightfully shows off her smoking hot physique.

But you know that the memories you have are worth far more than a dessert free week.

At the end of the day as you sit around reminiscing with your six best girl friends thankful for the memory storage your body held in pounds instead of bytes-

The cheesy tots you always get after a night of dancing on Friday nights.

The Easy Mac you ate for three days straight because you spent all your money buying tacky Halloween décor.

Everyone screaming for joy when your friend comes home with two buckets of cookie dough her mom just bought from the store.

The three rolls you ate because they were free and your nana classified them as “5 star.”

And when your best friend from home visited and told you to take the leftover wings which you forgot in the car.

The smell staying for weeks but the memories lasting long after you and your girlfriends filled sleepy Saturday mornings with laughter.

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