Favor & Grace

by Isabella Zaliagiris

Your appreciation for someone

Does not mean they will appreciate themselves.

And your love for someone

Does not mean they hold that love in their own heart.

You picture her future wedding-

A thought she’s never had.

You understand her nature and her beauty

Both of which she takes for granted.

You’ve become familiar with her laugh

Although to her it’s like a stranger when it escapes her mouth.

Her look unique and her body perfectly petite

As you listen to her shun herself for all that she is not.

Somewhere along the way you realize it was taken.

Who took the love out of her heart?

Not just any love seeing that she gives it freely

To all who ask and even to those who don’t.

But the love that only self can have with self

The appreciation your mind has of the soul.

The certain esteem one holds-

But she, she was different.

For her eyes saw only the good in me.

And her tongue spoke only words of praise.

She loved others deeply

But could not get out of her own haze.

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