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     Writing Submission Page  

Thank you for considering a submission to our publication. We appreciate your continued interest and support. If you’re wondering whether you should submit or not, wonder no more. Submit. We don’t care if you write short stories, poetry, non fiction, medieval sonnets, or Doctor Who fanfic. If it’s written, and people want to read it, we want it in our submission box. So if this is your first time submitting to a publication, don’t let things like being “literary” or “good” stress you out. Give it a whirl! We also accept reprints, so if you’ve got published work you’d like to see published again, have at it. Just click submit.

Our one caveat is length. If your piece exceeds 5,000 words, we ask that you first send a query letter via email. Include your name, the length in words of your piece, a short summary, and an attachment of the first three pages. Please put “Query Letter” as the subject. All queries should be sent to

Because we process a massive amount of submissions each week, we ask that you please remain patient after submitting. If you would like to withdraw a submission, please notify us at the above address. Please wait 60 days before sending a query letter, though we hope to have a response back to you before then. In the future, response times will likely go down as our organization opens up more chapters to review your writing. Thank you.

So if you think you have something you’d like to see published on our site, scroll down and let us know…

  • Which chapter you’d like to review your writing
  • The intended title of your piece
  • The name you’d like your writing published under. This could be your real name or a pseudonym.  If you want your work published anonymously, just leave that field blank.
  • An email where we can contact you with feedback
  • Whether you’d be interested in having an audio recording published alongside your piece
  • And be sure to include a text document with your submission, .doc or .docx preferred
  • Keep in mind that although we prefer this format, the layout of your piece won’t in any way affect our attitude toward your submission 🙂

We review every piece anonymously, so any name attached to your submission (real or otherwise) will only be used if your piece is selected for publication. Your privacy is important to us, and so are you on the whole. Have a great day and go write something.


Charles Carter


In addition to the above, always feel free to contact us directly at with your name and submission, as well any questions you might have about the publication or submission process.