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Get Involved

Getting Involved

We are always looking to increase the size of our readership and to expand the number of people involved with the Charles Carter literary community. One of the most important ways to keep growing is to establish new chapters across the United States and abroad.

Though most of our work is accomplished through groups on university campuses, we are by no means limiting ourselves to institutions of education. If you feel that your community, wherever it may reside, is qualified to open a chapter with Charles Carter, then we think so too. Our aim is to foster a larger literary culture and to create and protect an environment where writers and readers from all around the world can share with each other in mutual pursuit of betterment in taste, style, and relationship.

Chapters of the Charles Carter are quite autonomous, but there are a few rules: chapters must provide writers with written feedback for every one of their works, and there must least three people present in order to vote to publish or reject a piece. In order to begin a chapter, one must have contact with the board of directors, and pending that, familiarity with our Bylaws.

Chapters currently exist and can be contacted at:

  • Chapel Hill, North Carolina –
  • Raleigh, North Carolina (NCSU) –
  • Charleston, South Carolina –

If you are interested in starting a chapter, please contact Geoffrey McGee, Chapter Liaison. He can be reached at and will walk any interested parties through the process of starting a chapter.