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About Us

Dear Reader,

The Charles Carter is an online literary magazine composed of submissions from writers all over the world. Every submission is read all the way through in a workshop setting, and it is our aim to provide authors with thoughtful feedback, independent of whether we decide to publish the piece or not. The Charles Carter operates out of U.S. collegiate chapters, however our organization stretches beyond any single educational institution. Our goal is not to accept only the most rigorous and elite of writing, but rather to provide a platform for writers of all varieties. This is not to say that there are no barriers to entry: Every submission must pass through an intensive review session and closed vote before publication. However, we are not a magazine that will ever reach that fabled <1% acceptance ratio, and nor would we ever want to.

We want to read. We want to listen. Bring us the misfits, your experiments–your reprints and rejects. Bring us the old flames, new works, those pieces with ghost of lingering grip. Bring us the words of your pen and the thoughts in your head. Bring to us so that we may know you, and to your writing bring home.


Everyone at The Charles Carter